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Lower Sabie - The Perfect Safari

The Perfect Safari:

The Kruger is one of the world’s biggest wildlife sanctuaries and has grown to become the most popular place to experience the African safari. Guests are drawn from all over the world to either enjoy a self-drive safari or book one of the many safari packages available from the Kruger itself or any of the nearby tour operators. The Kruger is best known for its immense diversity in terms of animals, birds, plants and landscapes.

The perfect safari begins just before the sun rises. The earlier you get out there, before the heat of the day gets too intense, the better your chances of seeing what you have come to see. Animals tend to avoid the heat and will disappear into the shade well before noon. The best way to get the most out of your time here would be to leave your accommodation early and then spend the day touring all of the best roads in this part of the park. Route H, Route I and Route J are all well-known for early morning wildlife sightings.

Of the animals, you will find grazers of all kinds including elephants, giraffes, impala, kudu, wildebeest and buffalo to name but a few. The animals are drawn to the constant water sources found in the Lower Sabie area and wherever there are grazing animals, you will find predators not all that far behind. When staying at Lower Sabie, you will experience the best of the Kruger.

Late afternoon, just before the sun sets, you should head out again to catch the last sightings of the day. The heat has let up by then and animals will emerge for their last drink of water and final meal.


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